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10 months ago
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3 months ago
Creative Server is Back

Creative server is now back up as it should be. Might have some bugs though so report anything you notice :)

4 months ago
Server Maintenance

Server maintenance complete, hardware has been upgraded and should be working correctly now!

4 months ago
Reinstall Mostly Complete

Reinstall for the server is mostly done. You should be able to get back onto the servers now.

4 months ago
Working on getting the servers back up!

Hello everyone! I am currently working on getting servers set back up and am testing if this webhook is still working correctly!

7 months ago
The Servers are (temporarily) shutting down

Hello everyone! Tomorrow I will begin my move and the servers will be down for some time. I am currently unsure when they will be back as it could take anywhere from a week to a few months depending on how much income I can get to get a new system up. I am sorry for the inconvience but I hope we can make a return sooner rather than later! I will be keeping everyone posted on the status of getting the servers back up on the discord server!


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