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Started by GyztorMizirath



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19 May 2022
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27 Aug 2023

Respect and Consent are our governing principles. We talk about both of these things a lot. They drive our actions and words. These rules spell out some of what that looks like to us, and how we expect folks to behave - both ourselves and others.

Most time based things are based around EDT/EST timezones


1 - Respect Identity.

  a) Including and not limited to: check for and use desired pronouns.

  b) Use Minecraft/Discord names or nicknames only. Personal identifying information is confidential and should not be publicly used, please.

  c) Minimal cussing is allowed (PG-13) but keep slurs and crass words out of that chats please.

  d) Treat folks the same regardless of race, gender or identity. Keep it safe for everyone, please.

  e) Keep and examine your own identity. Please don’t impersonate others, including and especially Staff members.

  f) Political views and Religion/Faith Traditions are personal and sometimes really really big and important to people. If you want to maintain an agreeable space, realize that these conversations need to be respectful, or else don’t have them. If you can’t be respectful, either don’t start the conversation or go ahead and walk away from it please.

2- If it’s a joke, everyone will think it’s funny. If people don’t feel it’s funny, find out why. You might be bullying when you don’t mean to. Bullying/Harassment isn’t welcome here. Be respectful with words and actions. 

3 - Be respectful in chat, and please don’t spam. There are channels for contacting DMs and staff. They are created for that purpose; please use them.

4 - Staff members are people too! Please be respectful when talking to them or about them. They are doing their best, and may need a little patience. 

5 - If you need to discuss an issue with a staff member, reach out to other Staff or contact [email protected] to engage with us directly. Please be specific about what you experienced, what was said and by whom, and the specific concern. Please use direct messaging/ticket system to show respect to the Staff and larger community. Screenshots help with identifying the problem and fixing the issue

6 - If someone ends up banned, kicked, or muted, speak to Staff about it directly. Speaking about it in the public server should be incredibly specific and intentional, because it should meet the highest forms of respect for all involved.

7 - If an issue comes up and Staff members are not available, please report the issue on our Discord or email at [email protected]. We don’t expect every player to serve as Mod or Staff. Sometimes we may ask for your patience, as we are people with families too, and may be eating supper or brushing our teeth. We will get to you,  know that you matter to us.

8 - Use specific chat channels for their purposes, please. We may ask you to post in another place if it doesn’t align. We all get lost sometimes :)

9 - While we respect that players play on many servers, please minimize talk of outside servers to minimize drama and keep focus on cooperation and growth here.

GyztorMizirath · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago