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I am Moving!
Started by GyztorMizirath



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19 May 2022
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27 Aug 2023

Hello everyone! I wanted to make an announcement that I will be moving soon!
There will be some affects to HEMC and some downtime I can't do too much about so I wanted to give as much info as I can.

Recently I have found a job Opportunity outside of my state and decided I want to take it so that requires me to move. When I move the forums site and the servers will be down for some time (though the cache for the forums site will still exist meaning this page should remain). When I can get the servers back up they will probably be a bit slower than before (internet wise) but at this time I can't do much about that. The soonest time I will move is September 9th and the latest is September 21st but I will still make an announcement when I begin the move.

For now though things will work as intended and will stay up as they are until I have the pack the systems and I will make an announcement for when that is about to happen too.

GyztorMizirath · about 1 year ago