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Server Status
about 1 month ago

Servers are now back up again and should be working as normal. Some minor updates to some plugins and they may be bugs but it's all mostly back up. We are also now on a much better network so the server should now be faster than before. Thank you for your patience.

Server Status
5 months ago

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to give an update and let everyone know that I am going through a move again and as such the servers will be down for a bit. I am unsure how long this outage will last, though hopefully it's not longer than a month or two. When I eventually can get another stable job my plan is still to go to a third party hosting site when money is at a point where that can be balanced. Sorry about this inconvenience but i'll give an update once I am finished moving and the servers are back up.

Test update ping for website updates
10 months ago


Group/Rank Syncs
10 months ago

The minecraft server should now sync groups/ranks through the forums website, so if you want ranks you buy to sync correctly we will now be using the forums site to link those two. https://forums.havensedgemc.com/ 

Still working out some bugs so if you notice any put a ticket into discord or mc and we will get to it when we can!

Forums is back online and weird text issue on main page is fixed
10 months ago

Forums is back online after some fixing and seems to at least be (somewhat) stable and working now! Sorry about the inconveniences.

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